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Smart Blanket

Airplane Tray Cover

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$12.98 USD
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$12.98 USD
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$12.98 USD

Airplane trays are quite unsanitary so, cover up your tray!

Keep your hands germ-free with this airline tray cover that decreases your bacterium exposure while flying. Yon design knows how to keep its customers safe and secure with these smart tray covers made of premium quality polyester. These covers act as a barrier for your hands by keeping you clean and protected. Airline tray covers are available in four solid colors including black, brown, navy and burgundy. This tray cover is your right pick for travelling. Get yours now for safe travels!

Easy on, and easy off: Just slip over the tray table

Fabric: ITY 95% Polyester, 5% Spandex.

Machine washable & Dry