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Wearable Blanket, Travel Blanket, Luxury Travel Blanket: Smart Blanket

Looking for a wearable blanket, travel blanket, or luxury travel blanket? Smart Blanket has the best travel blankets on the market, boasting 7 amazing features, and crafted with high-quality materials. Did we mention it’s made in the USA? Right in Fort Lauderdale, FL!

The Smart Blanket is a one-of-its kind travel blanket perfect for use at home or in the car, bus, train, or plane. Many competitors have tried to emulate our design, but none come close when comparing the amount of useful features and quality. So, what makes Smart Blanket so “smart"?

1. Wearable Blanket Design

It wouldn’t be a travel blanket if it couldn’t be worn, hands-free. Our wearable blanket design is easy to slip-on or off and stays in place while seated or in motion.

2. Pockets!!

Keep items in reach at all times with a large pouch pocket right at the waist level. Large enough to fit a tablet, but secure with the opening only at the top to keep items in place without risk of anything slipping out of the sides.

3. Detachable Foot Warmer

Foot warmer

Honestly, what says “luxury travel blanket” more than a built in foot warmer? Plus it’s simply detached and reattached with a Velcro strip.

4. Privacy Hood

Privacy hood

Block light and find a moment of privacy by simply pulling the cowl neckline over your head. The ventilation opening doubles not only a means for easy breathing, but it is also a convenient place to run your headphone/earbud wires through from your pockets to your ears.

5. Packs in Seconds with Exposed Pocket

Blanket Pouch

Often overlooked, but in practice is invaluable, this blanket can be easily packed back into itself with seconds. Even when hastily stuffed away, it fits easily into the pouch, which is a MUST when traveling in a hurry. Never miss a layover flight because of an unwieldy travel blanket again! Oh yeah, and there is a SECOND pocket on the outside of the packed pouch.

6. Attaches to Luggage

Blanket Pouch strap slip over luggage handler

This travel blanket has a pouch strap that easily fits on to any luggage handle, or can be carried over your shoulder like a satchel or purse.

7. Turns into a Pillow

Blanket pouch use as Pillow

 When all is said and done, this Smart Blanket can be rolled up into a perfectly-sized pouch that makes a perfect pillow.

This is it – The Best Travel Blanket

The Smart Blanket is highly rated and has been in production since 2016, it’s no wonder that many people that have purchased the Smart Blanket call it the best travel blanket they have ever used. We’re not just talking about 1 or 2 people, we’re talking about hundreds of happy customers over the years. Just read some of our amazing reviews (directly from the source)!

4.5 Out of 5 on Amazon

4.5 Out of 5 on Grommet

5 Out of 5 on Facebook

An innovative smart blanket that provides comfort and convenience on-the-go. Made of soft, lightweight fleece our wearable travel blanket keep you warmth, pack in seconds, and can be used as an neck or back pillow when packed. The Smart Blanket is the perfect solution! Whether flying, driving, indoors or outdoors stay warm and still move freely with this luxurious, versatile and comfortable product.

To provide the best fit two size options are available:
S/M – fits up to 5′ 10″ | blanket: 56″ x 60″
L/XL – fits 5′ 10″ and up | blanket: 62″ x 60″

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2020 has been a tough year around the world, and each one of us has dealt with many changes to our lifestyles. Everyone is simply taking it a day-by-day. The unknown makes planning a trip or vacation very challenging or nearly impossible for some. Week after week, and month after month, many people find the added stress is starting to negatively impact their home and work life. How do we find some peace and rejuvenation? Staycation.

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Start spreading the news… We’re leaving today! Off to the Big Apple, NY City!

If you are one of the lucky people that will be heading off for a visit to New York, we have a few of our favorite places to visit and thought that you might like to know about them.

1. Statue of Liberty. Statue of Liberty.
2. Central Park. Central Park.
3. Rockefeller Center & Top of the Rock Observation Deck.
4. Metropolitan Museum of Art. Metropolitan Museum of Art.
5. Broadway and the Theater District.
6. Empire State Building.
7. Times Square.

Smart Blanket for Home
About the Coronavirus
You Sick And Tired Of Hearing About The Coronavirus and The Flu? Want To Know How To Keep Yourself and Family Healthy When Traveling?

How? Well, I’m sure you know all the basic things, wash your hands constantly and carry those little things that you hang on to your bag with the alcohol-based hand cleaner. And don’t and I mean don’t….fly when you are feeling sick! Why would you want to do that? You could feel worse by the time you arrive at your destination, and second, you could also make your seatmate feel as lousy as you do. Not a very nice thing to do to the world. ☹
And Do Not listen to social media and all the “stuff” they are saying about the virus. They probably don’t know any more than you do, but they think if they put it “out there” on Facebook or Twitter, people will believe them.


Now, if it comes from the CDC, then YES, definitely believe what they are saying. They are out there to keep you and the rest of us safe and free of the coronavirus and …the flu. Did you know that you are more likely to get the flu, our normal regular USA flu than the Coronavirus?
Well, it’s true. The flu is the most worrisome virus right now. According to the CDC, there are already 26 million cases of the flu this season! Wow, that’s another reason to follow a few easy steps to stay healthy.

Travel smart blanket

Wipes are great for the seat arms and the TV if you are lucky enough to get this on your flight, and don’t forget the seat pocket. That is not the place to put anything that you own! No….stay away from the seat pocket. The magazine that is in there has been touched and fondled by many, many hands, and we don’t know where else those hands have been, so please bring your entertainment and reading material. It’s not worth it to take a chance of coming down with something.

And of course, I am going to mention our Airline Tray Cover….use this to protect yourself from whatever has been on the tray before you took your seat. You don’t even want me to tell you some of the things that happen on the tiny little area. ☹ Things that you and I don’t want to discuss and bring up, but I do want you to know that it has up to 8 times more germs and bacteria than the button that flushes the bathroom on the plane. Well, if that doesn’t scare the stuffing out of you, I don’t know what does. So, use the Tray Cover! Spend a few dollars and buy the cover it will give you a feeling of relief that you are not eating your peanuts and pretzels off of a yucky surface filled with germs.


Because all of us at Smart Blanket want you to stay safe and healthy. We care about you and want you to come back and visit our website and Facebook page, so PLEASE take care of yourself! Thanks ☺

Valentine’s Day Circa 496 AD

Did you know that the first Valentine’s Day was in the year 496, yup…that’s a long, long time ago, and it’s still here! Amazing isn’t it? People are sending out cards and candy expressing their love. Family members are telling how much they mean to each other, and yes, some are trying to get away from the worries and cares of everyday life. How? They are traveling on Valentine’s Day. How great does that sound? Leaving what you normally do and just doing some fun things either for a weekend or if you are very lucky…longer. If you know someone that is planning on doing just this, or if you are the person that is going to hop on a plane and head to some wonderful destination, then here’s something to think about. We have all heard the horror stories about the cleanliness of the travel blankets that are handed out on a flight, it’s scary when you hear what people say about them and that they see them land on the floor when the person falls asleep. What is worse is that they are refolded and used for the next trip. Yuck! I know….that is not what I wanted to hear either. That’s why Smart Blanket is a must when traveling! It was voted the Best Travel Blanket by CNN. Smart Blanket is a great gift that is perfect for train travel, car and plane trips. It is compact and very wearable. It has a large front pocket for your phone, passport etc and one of the best things a foot warmer to keep your tootsies warm during the flight, and it will not mess your hair when putting it on; I know that’s something I think about all the time. You want to look good when you arrive. is a perfect gift for travel lovers and will make a unique gift This luxury travel blanket for your get-away trips. Smart Blanket will fit over the handle of your carry-on, so no worries about it slipping or falling while you run to the next connection. When you arrive at your destination, it is easy to pack and place back on your carry on the handle, and off you go! Everyone at Smart Blanket wishes your Valentine’s Day is filled with family, friends and happy travel moments that become your favorite lifetime memories.

Happy Valentine’s Day from Yon & the Smart Blanket family!

Travel Healthy, Airline trays are quite unsanitary; so Travel Smart, stay clean germs free & healthy travel


You are settled in and now it’s time for your snack! Whatever you do..DON’T PUT YOUR FOOD ON THAT TRAY!
Here’s Why!
1. Bacteria can survive on tray tables for days and even months?
2. The tray table that you planning on putting your snacks on are germier than your home toilet seat? Ohhhh nooo! Continue reading “Travel Healthy, Airline trays are quite unsanitary; so Travel Smart, stay clean germs free & healthy travel”

Ordinary Airplane Blankets Just Don’t Cut It! Smart Blanket is the Smart Travel Throw Blanket Choice

Does this sound familiar to you? You are on the plane, it’s chilly…but, you are waiting for takeoff, so you think as soon as we are in the air, it will be more comfortable. So, you just take your scarf and drape it over your shoulders. This should be good….but no, it isn’t good, this little piece of cloth is not doing it for you! Continue reading “Ordinary Airplane Blankets Just Don’t Cut It! Smart Blanket is the Smart Travel Throw Blanket Choice”